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Living In Miami For Over a Month… 5 Things You Need To Consider Before Moving Here

I moved down to Miami from Detroit for the Winter. After living here for over a month, here are 5 takeaways I’ve observed and what you should consider before moving here.

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  1. I've been here for around 5 weeks now and some of the things I've observed and experienced have shaped how I feel about the city. What do you want to see as I continue to capture the pulse of the city?

  2. Miami is great if you have money 💰 .. I lived there and could not afford it … there is either the richest or the workers that cater to the ultras Ritch .. I was the working class

  3. I live in Miami from Detroit I can testify about the high cost of living plus high traffic increase. I stay in Miami self employed and I'm not lacking in my finances all thanks to Madam Brittney she my mentor for my finances and I could tell you I'm doing incredibly wonderfully well. You can have her info and reach out to her. Get a good finance and enjoy life comfortably despite where you find yourself.

  4. Great content!! As a hotel concierge for 15 years. You nailed every aspect. 👏 The Spanish women are why I had to move away! Happy wife happy life!

  5. Currently living in Columbus in my forever home, but I'm saving up money to buy a home down there for during the winter months. I love that you're from Detroit. I'm from Toledo, little sister of of your city!

  6. 😎😎😎Put your seat belt on #No Caps home of the hit & run capital of the world

    🤔Maybe the Spanish people in South Florida should consider learning more English 👀 that we are in America
    And the food scene is much bigger than Latin Cuisine once you leave downtown Brickell

  7. Thank you for the heads up. I'm in Indianapolis, thinking about relocating there. I visited Brickell for 8 days. Love it! Went to Little Havana. Loved that too! I love the culture and the people. My observations were the same. Stay safe

  8. Omg I stayed with a friend and watched people drive while on her balcony and I always said it’s just like watching GTA 😂 from the cars, accidents and action it’s wayyy different from NJ. Can’t wait to move ☺️

  9. Don't laugh at us native Floridians when that temp goes below 65 degrees we got on all the sweaters we own…if we own any. Most people (Black folks) don't ever go to downtown Miami, South Beach, Coconut Grove because the traffic to get down there is so bad and the Hispanic culture is so overwhelming most don't even bother learning English and you cannot find employment unless you are Hispanic. Most natives stay close to their neighborhoods. The places you visited is a tourist area sprinkled with people who can afford to live in those high rise buildings. If one wants to move to Miami they need to look outside of the tourist area, North Miami, Homestead, Cutler Bay, Miami Lakes, Broward County, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Hallandale, Lauderdale lake, etc.

  10. Your talking about the tourist rich $$$ places. Let’s go to Hialeah, Overtown, Liberty City, Overtown, now your talking about regular cities. And up in those rich neighborhoods there ain’t Cubain foods that is South American food . You want real Cubain food you gotta go to Hialeah and look for it and I’m not talking about South Beach you could go to Calle 8 to La Carreta or Versallies .

  11. The currency is collapsing in our life time , that's the seed to everything you are seeing in social structure decay (cost of quality living)…
    Globally as well…just slower and some faster (latin, turkey, iran) just load up on crypto and ride safe.thanks.

  12. As a New Yorker who is actually looking at Coral Gables this video helped a lot lol

    The driving hahahaha yes that’s normal for us in NY so I ll be right at home. What I love is the walk ability. This really makes me feel like Coral Gables might be right for me. Time to plan a trip down there oh also I am Dominican so I should fit right in with the Spanish culture too

  13. I lived in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Wynwood etc. And let me tell you those international groups (hospanics) are very ignorant and narrow minded and racist especially against African Americans. I moved away years ago, because of the ignorance. Beautiful cities for hispanics bad for African Americans, horrible.


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