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Living In MIAMI: Pros & Cons (After 20 Years)

Thinking About Moving To Miami?
In this video I go over the TOP 10 PROS & CONS of living in MIAMI after 20 years!
I have been living in MIAMI since I was 9, and I have experienced this city in every way possible. Moving To Florida is always a big plus and a total life changer for sure!

So in this video I go over the 5 things that I LOVE about Miami and the 5 Things that I HATE about Miami. So if you are thinking of living in Miami you should check this video so you know all the positives and negatives from a local point of view!

00:00 Intro

Things i Hate
01:03 Traffic
02:07 Bad Driving
03:31 Big City
04:41 Crazy Tourist
05:47 Parking

Things i Love
07:41 Weather
09:40 Beach
11:17 Views
13:06 Diversity
15:01 Music

17:32 Outro

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

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Best Neighborhood In Miami

Living In Miami Beach:


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  1. I am moving to Miami in a couple months and people tell me the traffic and driving is bad….I drive Uber in NYC for 6 years and I cannot imagine Miami drivers and traffic being worse than NYC. I seen everything so far….or almost everything.

  2. I have been back and forth to Miami since 97 . The last time I lived in Miami was 2015 . I have plans to move from Seattle to Miami . I have a Financial Trading and Consultation business called Pirate Global Options . I use to work at the Mansion in South Beach . My concern is the mayor wants Fortune 500 and Tech companies to move to Miami . I have witnessed the devastation these companies can leave with a city in Seattle .

  3. Great video.

    Traffic is bad but depends on where you work and live. There are beaches that are more low key than South Beach, try Key Biscayne. Great free public MetroMover and Trolley in Miami, need to know how to navigate the city using them.

    Weather, except for the once in a while hurricanes. Rusty Pelican on Virginia Key, the restaurant with the best skyline view.

    The best: people, weather, food, music, beaches, exotic and diverse.

    This video makes me appreciate Miami more and more.

  4. He didn't say the biggest CON and it is no job opportunities only hospitality jobs paying 14 an hour so good luck finding a good paying job in miami also con n2 very difficult to make friends 80% of the people you will see everyday are tourists miami its like being in a holiday trip that never ends becareful

  5. Nice video
    However Florida is HOT Expensive Traffic Less for your money

    South Carolina ,North Carolina , Georgia, Texas , Nevada is the new hot spots for new covid relocation , cheaper taxes , cheaper house simple and quality of life less rain and hurricane season better life for family kids

  6. Been to Miami once. Overall my impression was it’s over rated. Maybe it’s my impression, what I assumed Miami is from pop culture vs what it was. Decent party scene, decent women, nothing jaw dripping. Ok overall.


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