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  1. i would like to see more features, and everything in this spectacular home. and if you can film this home only, who ever is going own this beautiful incredible home is the luckiest person in miami, but also that's a pretty big chunk of change 60mill.

  2. never will be live in USA hahhahaah zero climate to do something for planet incredible empty people most sorry its true dont move to spain please any rich usa family fuck off from my family away!!!

  3. Just because someone might have the money to spend to get something like this doesn't mean they aren't getting ripped off. This pricing is silly. I can get the blueprints and have someone build the same house 15 min away from that expensive area for a fraction of the cost. Who is really buying these over priced mansions? If someone has that kind of money they can easily build. People that buy these kinds of places are trying to play the tax game and accumulate assets or they just like spending sily amount of money that could be spent on being in greater service to others in need.

  4. Absolutely in love with your guy's content and video craftsmanship! We have just created our new youtube page and looking to grow our channel that will provide valuable content for you guys to watch about app and web development. Currently promoting our new app “ touch leasing “ creating an easier and faster way to view, buy, and sell your real estate for future buyers and investors.

  5. I love videos like this because they’re really motivational but the music always distract me I was about to thumbs up this video for not having dramatic music over the video and play Nature Sounds but.. still nice

  6. When I started seeing all the statues, this home decor is biasly only for religious people. I had to take my thumb back. The outside is nice, but the interior decoration doesn’t express Miami in general. For that price, they should cater this house to all people.

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