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Miami Whips & Chicks Club Night! The Dome, Outside The "Stripper Bowl", Huracan's, Rolls Royce, Urus

Had to see what Miami was gonna do for the now infamous OC Stripper Bowl at the AG built The Dome spot erected just for Super Bowl Weekend! Saw a good bit of high line whips and alot of females moving around the area as the club didnt close till 6am! Couldn’t catch the celebs as they went a different route but check out what I did catch!
Beats by Dos, @prodbydos,


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  2. Give me an exotic car or a RR and the lifestyle to go along with it and I wouldn’t even need to go to the club. Meet these same chicks during the day and invite them back to the crib with some friends. Bring your boys and boom! Clubs are for broke people like me lol!

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  4. Damn fellas why ya'll got something negative to say about these women and the whips? Lol
    Just enjoy them and the whips! Everyone there is there to have a good tine not to get married and sk what if it's a rental? lol.
    Ya'll sound like haters cause ya'll ain't there.

  5. I love my city but I just can't see how these young ladies walk around with dresses or tight bodysuits, I would never wear a dress out to the club or any social gathering, I got my azz touched each time and the last time it happened the guy squeezed my but and took off running I was mad and I said never again in my life.

  6. I have heard so many people say American is racist and black people can't make it or are still slaves, watch the video and tell me that shit. It's about going out and getting it and not expecting something just cause your skin color. Shit I'm a white man and I didn't grow up dreaming to be Trump 😂 I grew up wanting to be like Biggie,Pac, Nas, Jordan, Juvenile, Master P, And the list goes on but not one of my idles was white


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