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Private school in Miami warns teachers against taking COVID-19 vaccine

A Miami private school is making headlines for its vaccine policy, advising teachers not to get their shots.


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  1. Is there any scientific proof that the vaccine works properly? No one knows what the effects of the vaccine will be long term, negative or positive. The answer to that is then, no. She is saying she prefers to know more about the vaccines and to use caution. I think that is a fair concern. But to me taking the vaccine is a personal choice and you have the right to make it and should not be discriminated against regardless of your choice. But it remain each individuals choice. You have right to choose what you put into your body. Most importantly you have the right to know the risks, affects and ingredients before making a possible life changing decision. Once you know and you are OK with it do what you think best but don't judge others for not feeling the same (just my opinion…)

  2. Love this school, there is no evidence this vaccine is safe for us, not yet, until then everybody who is vaccinated potentially could be spreading covid to healthy people. I don't allow vaccinated people near me. Not enough true information out there.

  3. THE KEARNY CENTER IN TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA IS FORCING HOMELESS TO BE GUINEA PIGS OR BE PUT OUT IN THE STREETS AGAIN, PLEASE SPREAD THIS MESSAGE, These homeless people are going through so much already have gotten jobs or are looking and are being forced and intimidated to take random chemicals possibly debilitating them leaving them back at square none and dying or worse off,to stay under a roof or move to one at their main facility. I don't have my own social media accounts to help these people be saved and heard.

  4. I appreciate your notice and if there are teachers that have taken the vaccine and under the circumstances of them knowing that they're going to get sacked fired do you actually think they're going to tell you I see that you with utmost respect they're not going to tell you

  5. the fact is a foreign injected substance is never 100% safe. and in a system where companies operate on a basis to make profit instead of being of services to the people, big companies cannot be 100% trusted.

    bottom line? avoid vaccinations if you can and if the disease is of lesser risk to yourself. it's a prisoners dilemma scenario and anti vaccinationners are just making a rational choice

  6. Six months ago vaccine passports the great reset in 2030 was a conspiracy theory. Two weeks ago shedding and sterilization was a conspiracy theory then Pfizer had a PDF leaked saying they were worried about just that!


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