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In this video I share with you guys what its really like to live in Miami along with some advice fo those moving into this crazy city!

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  1. I do hate the cold weather sometimes in Canada. Despite this whenever I travel to Miami for work meetings/conferences I have a good time and enjoy the weather but I’m always glad to go home.

  2. Homeboy forgot to mention the Miami attitude and the fact that half of the people here are shallow as fuck lol And I don’t know what part of Miami you’re from but nobody hears lay back everybody here has a damn attitude

  3. I became a true defensive driver after living down in Miami. You have to drive for the other person. And was shocked on how casual guys spoke about taking steroids. Got a studio in North Beach for 900 in '13 then it went up to 1100 in 2years. I broke out after that headed to Broward.

  4. I live here and it is boring. You need to have a boat, like malls or night clubs

    If you don’t there is no much to do
    1 museum
    1 good restaurant
    1 park
    1 nice store (that is not big labels)

  5. The Miami tourism industry shuts these truth videos down left and right lmao its why out if towners are so confused and clueless about the real Miami l😂😂

  6. In Miami that 85 or 90 is really 100 to 120 degrees. Out of towners don't know about the heat index factor in Miami. That's right take the temperature and add 10 to 20 degrees too it and that's what it really feels like.

  7. I lived in Miami during the early to mid-90s, and much of what Danny says here was true even back then – especially about the speaking Spanish part! Well done, young man.

  8. Really horrible weather, even more horrible people, rude, nasty and very unfriendly, and they can't drive worth a damn, very expensive to live there and even worse, almost no good paying jobs, everybody tries to screw each other over any chance they get, no one speaks English and worse, no one wants to. It's like living in a third world country only here in the U.S. If you can call Miami the U.S. No thanks. Oh, did I mention nasty rude racist people? Yeah, that's Miami….and bugs everywhere, yuck!

  9. I'm from CT and was able to find a cheap one bedroom one bathroom, but cheap because it's in Opa locka. I wish I saw your video before moving! It wouldn't have been such a culture shock

  10. From someone that lives in the Bay Area, Miami sounds a lot better. South Bay can get triple digits here in the summer and your breathing in hot air the whole time. So hot air and humidity isn’t a big issue for me. People here also either drive like grandmas or drive like it’s the Daytona 500. So I’d rather have the consistency of aggressive drivers. The expenses are a lot worse here too so I’m not that concerned. $1500 in Miami is the equivalent of $2500 here. But the Spanish is something I’ll have to re-learn. Wasn’t a big fan when I took it in high school, but that’s cause high school sucks in general. I do have a question. Have you ever heard someone pronounce the name of the city “Mijami?” I saw Narcos and Pablo Escobar pronounces it like that in the show 😂.


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