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Florida's Unbelievable ABANDONED Beach Resort

Come take a tour through the most surreal location I have ever witnessed. Filled with tennis courts, 18 loft buildings, one 6 story condo tower complete with penthouses, & a massive restaurant and pool complex. All completely abandoned and untouched.

2020 Update – The The Colony has now been completely demolished and there are finalized plans for a St. Regis hotel and residential complex to be built on the land. While the plot of beachfront property is still fenced off with nothing but grass growing, a preview/sales center is expected to be built in 2021. Who knows when the hotel will actually be built though…

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Opening – 0:00
Beginning/The Lofts – 02:21
Problems/Tower – 14:02
Pres. Bush/Penthouses – 23:28
The Future/Restaurant – 25:07
Final Word/Beach Front – 29:40

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  1. I have a sinking feeling that our timeshare may end up going this way within the next 5 to 10 years. Owners association meetings are a nightmare. Some people who bought in can't really afford it and expect the people with more resources to cover all the expenses, so they can keep staying in a nice place without ponying up their share of the funds. There are already abandoned complexes on the huge property. The one I stayed at every summer as a child is mothballed and next time we go I'm going to see if I can get in there. I still have a key, after all. The resort updated to mag cards, but the power will be off and you can bypass the mag cards with an old school key. My brother and I hid a Playboy centrefold and a $5 bill behind one of those bolt on paintings they have in hotels and resorts, want to see if that's still there!

  2. The things left behind in the rooms are exactly the kind of stuff that we bring up to our timeshare and leave there year round. There's a locked storage room for owners, while the hotel style guests stay in the unit and don't have access to our things. So it's not crazy that stuff is still there.

  3. Just came across this channel. Not sure where I have been but love the channel. This is really interesting. Great editing and the way you incorporate past video to where it is now is very cool and nostalgic.


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