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The Sexiest People in all of Miami ! (Brickell)

Pound for pound Brickell has the most beautiful people in all of Miami. Today we walk the area of Mary Brickell Village (901 S Miami Ave, Miami ,Fl 33130) on a Friday night.
Unlike South Beach most of the people who go hang at Brickell are not locals. Tourist barely know of this cool place to get great food and awesome bars.
My name is Alfred Montaner better known as the King of Haulover


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  1. Is it safe to walk around this area at night? I am staying in brickell, what avenue is this, Does it have bars and nightclubs that are within walking distance without having to take uber or are they too far away?

  2. "…the most attractive people you've ever seen."……This City has always had very attractive people (every single person in my city is attractive)….but it's not just the people….this city is attractive in every aspect…..and for those of you who don't know….this city back in the 80s…90s and early 2000s…..this was the best place to be on the Planet!!!!!

  3. Love Brickell by far the best part of Miami everything is so nice, clean and posh, now you make me sad I want to come back but the borders are closed πŸ™

  4. As someone who is still choosing between living in New York City vs Miami vs Tampa, it's good to see some crowds in the Miami Streets at night. The daytime streets look very very empty in Miami & Tampa, which is very different than London/NYC/Philadelphia/Antioquia/Medellin. Is there any dense crowds in the day in Miami, or is it just the beach only (which I'm even unsure are in London/NYC levels)? I love the crowds & social opportunities here, after seeing so much empty street videos in Miami!

  5. I saw your daytime Brickell tour and commented it. At night the vibe and setting are totally different. The crowd is beautiful and sophisticated. Dress to kill time in Brickell. Oeh-Laa-Laa! I prefer the Miami Beach vibe and crowd. More my style. Brickell attracks a different crowd and a different crowd brings a different atmosphere and creates a different vibe. Lots of terraces are empty in Brickell meanwhile Miami Beach the streets and terraces are crowded and alive and kicking it.
    Brickell at night is a 'no hoodies' zone (not for you Alfred πŸ˜„). Check Miami Beach at night…… πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚
    Enjoyed the video and all the Brickell party people πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Especially on the Rumbat bus 🍹🍹🍹

  6. Before covid-19 shut down concerts about 2-3 times a month at bayfront in front of bricknell (thanks commie Chinese government for fucking up the planet)all the condo's and hotel's he is showing use to be warehouse's to stash drugs

  7. At 7:09 I spit my beer all over the place hearing you run into that knee high wall to your right. But you kept it cool and talked to them gents anyway. True professional but fuckin-A it was funny!!LOL


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