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Discover Miami: travel the bars and beaches with the locals | The Economist

Miami, the city where happy hour is a lifestyle. Passport: Miami shows you a side to the city that only the locals know. Join a Cuban singer, a beach-runner and a drag queen as they open the doors to their shining, fabulous, soulful city.

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Passport is an original travel series for the intellectually and culturally curious, exploring some of the most exciting city destinations in the world. The insiders’ guide to each city follows at the shoulder of three local characters as they reveal the experiences and places not covered in the guidebooks.

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  1. All those old art nevo buildings I. Miami Beach along the beach , weren't like that in the 1960s and 1970s. On the porch es of those buildings sat old retired women and men in their lawn chairs and rockers giving out candy to us children and their visiting grandchildren.the old folks lived and retired in those buildings!

  2. IF "you" DON'T like ethnic people……..STAY OUT OF MIAMI!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME………STAY HOME!!! THAT'S what makes Miami a beautiful place. I would rather be around Cubans and others who are nice & love to show other people their culture. IF "you" don't like "that" AND/OR "you" are IGNORANT…….STAY HOME AND OUT OF MIAMI!!! How about "YOU" learning spanish AND/OR another language…….."IF" you're capable!!!! 🙂 STOP WHINING, STOP COMPLAINING, STOP SHOWING YOUR IGNORANCE AND JUST STAY HOME!!! LEAVE MIAMI TO THOSE OF US THAT WILL CONTINUE TO VISIT MIAMI FOR EVER!!! I CAN'T WAIT to get back to Miami and enjoy their CUBAN AND DOMINICAN culture!!!!! STOP BEING HATERS!!!! 😉

  3. Like any city, Miami is what you make it! Miami is changing so fast, so much has already changed in the year since this aired! My channel features more of Miami and south Florida, focusing more on off the beaten path, historic sites, nerdy stuff, and more!

  4. Espanol: Los cubanos que no saben inglés son antipatrióticos e ingratos al país que proporcionó un escape de la tiranía comunista. Esperemos que Cuba será gratis y pueden volver! Un cubano-americano que no habla inglés es un cubano y no un americano.

  5. Cuban-Americans who do not know English are unpatriotic and ungrateful to the country that provided an escape from Communist tyranny. Hopefully, Cuba will be free and they can GO BACK! A Cuban-American who does not speak English is a Cuban and not an American.

  6. Born ('61) and raised in Miami. Thankfully there is a little (lot) more to my town than what is given here.
    But you should visit and find out for yourself…
    by the way, Ocean Drive is a tourist clip joint and become rather "ghetto" these last few years, it used to be fun, no mas!
    P.S. Mickey Rourke was briefly a busboy at the Forge, back in the day.

  7. Aside of a couple of high-rises this city seem to comprise dilapidated one- or two-story buildings and fences between them. Could as well shoot this on green screen.

  8. I like cubans, but I dislike how they act as if miami is their city. miami existed, and was important, long before you guys showed up. you're just another chapter in the city's history. in addition to all the positive you brought, let's not forget the negative. remember the cocaine cowboys?

  9. Elaine Lancaster added the most and seamed to actually be informed awesome job!. Regla Cumba was super annoying for not even trying to speak English. I've lived in Miami for 20 years and still can't comprehend how Cubans like her can come to the US and live here all their life and never try to assimilate or even learn the countries language. If I moved to Cuba of course I would learn Spanish the month I arrived. How about you try to pretend like you're thankful of living in such an amazing country and being welcomed with open arms when others would kill for citizenship. Take down your rear view mirror Cuban flag and put up an American one. Always keep your culture but accept the native culture also. You're not in Cuba anymore.


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