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Miami woman dies after cosmetic procedure

miami-dade county woman dies after plastic surgery


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  1. RIP to this beautiful mother gone
    May God grant her eternal life in Heaven
    My heart goes out to her husband and her family . When he said “my wife didn’t walk out of here” my heart broke 💔😔

  2. It is okay to want a cosmetic surgery. But before laying down on anyone's table you need to do an extensive background check. Check history and credentials. Are they board certified? Are they experienced? See some of their work? Are you healthy enough to go thru the surgery? You get what you pay for. And even then, on the table of a board certified plastic surgeon you could die. Is it worth it in the end?

  3. LOOK AT THE OFFICE!! Omg! Ppl are so desperate. You are all so beautiful. You don’t need work done. But in the case that you do, conduct a thorough and extensive background check. INTERVIEW THE DOCTORS!!

  4. Absolutely, it's 2018 and state medical boards and licenses are extremely easy to access via the Internet…less 2 minutes.. physician entire education and grievance report…law suits and malpractice…I arrived in Atlanta to a family member bedside after admissions for hernia operation and using my iPad while his surgeon chat on the details of the surgery, I Google her and was surprised of her Board certificate and member of Atlanta Falcons NFL panel and first choice who's who's in medicine not only Atlanta but total USA…she was Amazing and out family just got lucky, she remained on physician staff that hospital, and surly possess a million dollar pratice..when I mentioned it to her she just smiled but did not boast …just remained all business, our family member is 6'5 350, so it's our beliefs the hospital link the best too carry this out complaints free….the physician's within a Corp or Group can get a strike if another partner is sued or the Corp, that suggest all will be in file and circumstances…lawyers can be accessed using the Leagal Bar in whatever State, as many have total theft cases against clients, as faslely reporting total or accurate settelement pocketing 100's of thousands of dollars, and just stringing clients along, next week, next week, then hear take this…Please let's try using word of mouth for these procedures, as if any thing wasn't correct women would advise, just as in hiring a contractor who was awful, NO woman would support another dime going to them..and would not make the refferal..lastly it takes 6 months to recover from BBL, thats plenty of time this physician must hold open communication with patients…Simply request 2 or more dating back 5 months and 2 or more dating back 5 weeks…this would paint a clear picture of the whole pratice a-z..a medical office in upscale areas of any Citi limits means NOTHING, all staff from receptionist to nurses sould be extremely caring and passionate of the duties as death is a possibility…..walking in and never coming out…is the horror of this and it can happen too anyone whom simply fails to do there research…2 months is a general prep-period for BBL, for anyone over 25, consume 2 or more drinks daily and on any meds..a battery of vitamins usually are directed during this prep period.

  5. Ladies do a throu background check on these Drs. and facilities. This dr. isn't a board certified plastic surgeon he is a general surgeon there is a difference. Also this facility has a history of deaths before the last for this work done. Don't fall for cheap prices.

  6. For every story about someone dying from plastic surgery, you'll see about 100 videos from these people who look like mannequins talking about how happy they are with their new nose or chin. They don't even look human and it blows my mind that they WANTED to look like that. Stop encouraging this nonsense. Mothers, PL:EASE tell your daughters that they don't have to look perfect and that there is more to like than being a Kardashian clone.


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