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Yes I AM a real estate agent in Miami Beach, but today I am still going to tell you why you SHOULD NOT BUY Miami Real Estate in 2020. The market here is a complicated one. Miami has long been a destination not only for Americans but also many international visitors and and investors.

And this alone, make the Miami Real Estate Market harder to predict, because of so many local and external factors that influence it.

In this video, I am going to be giving some very practical and easy to understand advice about buying a house or condo here in Miami and also give you some reasons why and who actually should buy in 2020, despite all the reasons I mention that you shouldn’t.



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  1. Michael, great video, any update now with Covid likely ending and prices went down? I am lookin at moving from LA to Miami and buy a condo. Thank you

  2. Can you make a video about the flood insurance in Florida cities: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Port St Lucie, Naples, Fort Myers…… Which are include the house size and the actual price. And it is nice you make the list of the most and the least expensive flood insurance of the Florida cities (include the house size and insurance premium).

  3. This was a great video. I just started saving money today for my vacation home. We currently live in our dream house in Columbus Ohio and also have a few rentals in the area.

    We vacation in South Beach every year for 2 weeks and would love to stay there for a month every year. Was hoping to supplement the mortgage costs with Air BnB, but we definitely plan to keep the place forever until we can afford something nicer. What are your thoughts considering there's still high costs and flooding to worry about?

  4. Good video good points – in Jan 2021 COVID is still a problem as is rising tides. This should not discourage renters and visitors because Miami Beach is wonderful. Most videos including yours show the attractions in Miami Beach- shops restaurants and the beach. How about a "residential video" that walks Meridian, Euclid, Michigan, Pennsylvania South of say 15th Street. Which are the quietest areas of South Beach. Another idea would be a "Bicycle video" – where are the best and worst places in South Beach to ride your bike.

  5. Wow very informative video! I am looking to buy a studio condo at the Roney Palace as an investment, not sure if you're familiar. It's luxurious but I do see many condos all over Miami listing for rent or for sale. I'm planning on negotiating to buy around 2012 prices, is that a good idea? My biggest concern is if it'll rent, do you know if condos especially waterfront are easily renting or is the demand low?

  6. You make some good points. You are mostly right, especially that your or my opinion won't matter. The people will continue to come here to Miami and buy. Of course, now that Florida is standing out as the FREE State, without draconian mandates by leftist governors; but I digress. With that, more Freedom lovers are moving here. [and some end up voting leftist again, but I digress again]

    The interest rates are so low that at the lower level prices, up to about $450k, the rent and mortgage are about equal. So, definitely worth a purchase if one has good credit and some cash for deposit/closing. Which by the way, there are some opportunities of seeing closing credits from some lenders ! I know this first-hand.

    Also, for Miami to see a depreciation in value, we would have to see something occur as bad or worse as the 2009 crash. So that means the whole USA would have experienced the same disaster. So, it's an equalizer and it will always rise back.

    About the water level rise.. you are off on that one – watch this video from a Billionaire –

  7. Hey Mike I really appreciate and respect ur content and thank u for being so positive and informative"!! I'm a San Antonio Texas native and my family is originally from Corpus Christi Texas. So I luv the beach I grew up going there every summer. I always wanted to move out there to Florida especially Orlando because of Disney World. I have a growing family of my own. But we do want to make our way there soon. Right now we are wking on our credit score along with saving. My wife is finishing school and will be done in about 4yr or less with God's Grace.🙏. I sure hope u could help us with possibly when we are ready moving out there. More than likely we are needing to rent before buy.

  8. Its up to whoever is deciding to move, theres good and bad. Yeah, prices are high, but interest rates are low. Yeah it seems overpriced, but we have people coming from NYC or LA who are used to paying even more. Also, look at Venice, or the Netherlands, there is worse flooding, and many engineering solutions to deal with it. I would personally like to see more raised homes like we see in the keys. Miami will always be unique, because "Its so close to America" as we lovingly say down here. No place in the world has a culture like Miami, and that will always be a magnet. Good Video, you have provoked many comments.

  9. Great vid. Thank you very much for your professional integrity. Would you, please, give us insight on how the Miami Beach city / Miami-Dade county governments are tackling the potential of further sea level rise? Do they have plans on protective infrastructure (e.g. levees) Would that mean leveeing some extra-fees or higher taxes ?

  10. Really good info! This is one that is a little over my head (the money stuff) . I need to show this to my hubby! We have been to Miami beach. That beach you showed with the rocks isn't Miami is it? It does not look like Florida. I agree with you about buying real estate right now and I don't know much about real estate. But with things the way they are we already said we would rent which is not something we would normally do. So thanks for the confirmation! Thanks for the video. You gave me alot to think about!


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