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David Grutman: The King Of Miami Night Life [Outrageous]

There’s nothing more glamorous than living in the limelight of the world’s hottest club scenes.

From epic parties filled with beautiful women and popping bottles, it’s safe to say this luxe lifestyle is pretty over the top, not to mention insanely awesome.

If there’s one guy who knows this, it’s David Grutman. As the owner of Miami’s LIV, this entrepreneur is no stranger to the nightlife scene.

For the Outrageous video series, Elite Daily had the opportunity to sit down with Grutman and get a glimpse into the life of savvy nightlife proprietor.

So, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to own one of the hottest nightclubs in Miami.

In the video, you can see that everything about his trendy Miami nightclub is over-the-top. The venue is filled to the brim with good looking party-goers, celebs and socialites as the industry’s best artists take over the turntables for the night and colorful lasers beam across the confetti-clad air.

However, it wasn’t always flashing lights and opulence for Grutman.

You might be surprised to know that Grutman actually broke into the business by becoming a bartender at a mall. Since then, his hard work and passion have pushed him to become one of the most successful nightclub owners in the business.

When it comes to building a brand, Grutman believes you have to “figure out what your brand is, stay true to your brand and then PR the living sh*t out of it.”

But, in the end it’s not all about the money.

What it all boils down to is passion and pouring your heart and soul into something you love. The boats, bottles and models are just some of the perks that come along with your success.

Producer: Max Grunner
Director or Photography: Terence MF Thomas
Editor: Terence MF Thomas
Production Coordinator: Steve Edwards
Write up: Kaylin Pound

Executive Producer: Weston Green
Creative Director: Tyler Gildin

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David Grutman: The King Of Miami Night Life [Outrageous] | Elite Daily

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  1. This man only cares about social media, and show off, he does not remember where he came from, the clubs treats woman like cows and everything it’s so fake! Promoters have paid girls to be in the VIP and show off and Adam and Lindon, oh God I wish I could have words to explain how horrible people they are! I could not expect less coming from DG,
    He didn’t paid any of his employees. In the middle of the pandemic, giving away money, food to show off on social media, and owing each of their employees 2 month checks!!!!
    Many of them are fathers and family, do you think he cares ?
    He is too busy showing off, very sad! The way he treats his promoters, and employees like they are less than human

  2. seems like a bit of an up himself cock… they dont mention all his financial backing is from jeff soffer.. otherwise he probably would still be a bar tender in Aventura mall… i used to this this clown there.

  3. If people only knew Grut back in high school! He’s was a damn goofball in English class senior year. Our teacher was always on him for not doing shit. Nobody would have imagined he would have gone this far!

  4. this dude knows his shit! i went to komodo his restaurant and got a bill for 2300 for 4 ppl.. he knows how to take your money! 😉 gotta give it to the fucker.

  5. Good for Grutman but not all people are drawn to shallow shit like clubbing and making martinis just to be called "The King of Miami Night Life" (w/e the fuck that means). Many people prefer expanding their experiences through reading/writing books, playing music, developing applications, designing interiors, travelling, exploring different cultures, etc.

    There are many ways people express themselves through that are actually meaningful, productive and useful to society as well. Not everyone finds meaning in their life by looking at (half)drunk girls' asses every night just for being able to say they do. There's nothing attractive about this lifestyle other than being able to easily find your next one night sex.

    This guy actually has no talent for anything else other than serving rich people drinks and being their busboy.
    If that's your goal in life then sure, go for it. But remember, beneath all the "glamour" and the money you're being paid to service them, you're not actually a part of the elite and you never will be, because to be elite you have to have talent, something other people don't have, you have to be really good at something or ridiculously good looking. This way, you're just there to pick up the crumbs.

    I'm not saying there's shame in that because we all have to make a living, but don't try to advertize it as something superior, as something better because it really isn't. It's just a job that happens to be paid well because rich & famous have to spend their money somehow. Doctors are paid well too but the difference is – we actually need doctors, we don't need people like Grutman.

  6. I just started taking bartending classes and this dude just inspired the fuck outta me on a 2 minute video. Not to mention this video was uploaded on my birthday. 

    David, I'll share my story with you soon enough.

  7. miami guy here in club industry… briefly met him a few times and my brother worked at the fb for many years and was around him a lot. guy is super cool and nice. miami is full of nosy, shit talking people and i dont recall anyone ever saying anything bad about this guy. that being said, he came off kinda douchy in this vid. i'm guessing it was the editing. also, if this guy were to really give a film crew access into his life and the shit that goes down at liv it would be fucking epic. 


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