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10 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Miami

Living in Miami is an amazing experience no matter your race, gender, color, ethnicity or where you come from! But there are somethings that you should know before moving to Miami.
Miami is a very special place but it may not be for everyone. So if you are thinking about moving to Miami, you should watch this video to get a better understanding and hear my opinion about the 10 top things you should know before moving here!

00:00 Intro
01:02 #1 “Spanglish”
01:41 #2 Tons of Traffic
02:20 #3 Bad Public Transportation
03:07 #4 Lot of Events
04:00 #5 Broward is Not Miami
05:05 #6 Sports Rules
05:45 #7 Very Differents Neighborhood
06:40 #8 Many Jobs Pay Very Little
07:36 #9 Cuban Coffee
08:25 #10 Miamians are Always Late
09:52 Outro

If you are planning to move to Miami, please contact me or add me on social media I will be happy to answer any questions for you and/or provide you any insights or tips.

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Best Neighborhood In Miami

Pro’s & Con’s Living In Miami

Living In Miami Beach:

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  1. Not so pal. Miami es the best place. And the spanglish is whom u hand with . Public transportation works dies work I spent two years going to work on bus from kendal to doral. Btw we have the rapid transit and the metro mover and the train that takes u from kendal all the way to the northwest. Humm last . People are open minded , very receptive but don't come to miami with ur gang bullied actitud , we carry guns .. welcome to miami a republican state . Enjoy.

  2. I make good money like over 6 figures, but I have an eviction on my record that happened in 2018 in Orlando. I can show proof of income and things like that. Would it be hard to live in miami beach given my situation ? Apartment that I live in now didn't do a bg check but just an income check.

  3. This is one of the better south florida informational videos so I just subscribed to your channel. Raised in Broward and lived in Miami for 4 years after high school then DC then Baltimore. Only thing florida panthers dont play in miami, they are in broward county. I only say that since this video focuses on miami Dade county. Only thing Broward and miami have in common is the 786 area code 😂. Obviously I'm exaggerating a bit

  4. Another point to mention is everywhere you go people speak Spanish including employees in Dr offices, stores etc. I speak both so I don’t have a problem but it’s sometimes annoying. Most people will assume you speak Spanish. Also Miami is 70% Latino, not just Cuban even though the majority is Cuban. I’m from New York City and I’ve been living in Miami for 31 years. Miami is nice to live. Nice hot weather, few cool days. It’s close to the Caribbean which is another plus. Traffic is bad and drivers are rude and drive recklessly. Great video, all points are correct.

  5. You should know that the majority of the fancy cars you see in Miami are RENTED. Ladies, don’t get suckered by a guy picking you up in a Lamborghini because odds are, that is NOT his car. I can’t tell you how many people fake it in Miami, pretending to be something that they’re not. Don’t bother trying to keep up with the illusion of Miami and just live your life.

  6. Great video! I live in Miami. If you’re considering moving here, you will not live anywhere near the beach or other cool places unless you are really well off – hello Kendall! Also not many people speak English here and it’s nearly impossible to get a job unless you speak Spanish and Portuguese- and maybe some English lol. One thing you forgot – it oppressively hot and humid about 9 months out of the year. And the rainy season and hurricane seasons are no joke.

  7. You are sooo dope for making this video. As a matter of fact I just scanned your uploads and I’m loving it! Very informative and straight to the point which is always a plus! 💯👍🏾😎

  8. Cool video and very helpful , just got a job offer in Miami ,im from L.A. and was thinking of moving to Utah but got this offer , still not to exited about the move but will see whats up.


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