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BBL Surgery Preop Day Vlog | Prepping For Surgery | 305 Plastic Surgery | Dr.William | Miami

Update: surgery time 3:00pm (02/17/21)
My Grocery Shopping:

– [x] Lotion body and face
– [x] Cough drops
– [x] Blender
– [x] Tape


– [x] Saltine Crackers
– [x] Vitamins (Iron (Liquid or pills), B- Complex, Vitamin C (Pill, liquid or powder))
– [x] Tylenol (8HR or Muscle, Ache & Pain)
– [x] Soup (Low/ NO SODIUM) (4 Cans)
– [x] Cough drops/ Hard candy
– [x] Bottled Water (1 case)
– [x] Bottled Protein Nutrition Shake (Ensure)
– [x] Fruits (Pineapple, Berries, Strawberries
– [x] Oatmeal
– [x] Protein
– [x] Low Carbs (Brown rice/ boiled yucca)
– [x] Yogurt
– [x] Salad
– [x] Avocado
– [x] Salmon
– [x] Smoothies
– [x] Blender
– [x] Pedialyte
– [x] Pineapple juice

– [x] Dry brush
– [x] Massage oil


skin srubber


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  1. Why? You’re already beautiful. Just intermittent Fast, Diet and exercise.. you’ll have a flatter stomach, your body will be leaner. . I honestly think you don’t need surgery.

  2. I know it’s too late but I hope everything went ok!! I was hella nervous for you based on all the spelling and grammatical errors just in that list of what to wear to your surgery 😬

  3. This is the deadliest plastic surgery that's done if the Dr. injects the fat in the wrong place it will kill you. More people have died from this surgery than any other. Lots of plastic surgeons won't even do them because of how high risk they are.

  4. Girl your videos are everything I need like every question I had in my head you answered with detail which I love ! I was nervous before but now seeing you go through the process I’m ready 🤞🏾✨❣️ God bless you stay safe 💯


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