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  1. I understand you. I live in Miami and have lived here all my life and it truly sucks it’s a third world. I feel like feel about Miami, it’s a jungle here.

  2. Also — u should move to Orlando!!! Or Charleston, SC. Both are super safe and not the party scene of Miami and still get you the more suburban feel while still being close to ur family and on the east coast as you like. Charleston isn't in FL of course but you still get the water views, etc. (Hidden gem)

    I used to live in Orlando. Orlando has sooo much family stuff to do (Disney, Universal, Legoland, I-Drive, etc). Nice areas are downtown, Hunters Creek, Lake Nona, UCF, etc. And you can drive to the beach in just an hour (Clearwater, Daytona Beach, New Symrna Beach). And the downtown area has a great bar scene (church st, etc).

    You said you'll prob move again. You should seriously consider those two areas. Go spend time in both. I feel like u get anxious and just ran away (understandable) but there's way closer areas that I think u would like more than TN that still have a mix of things for u to do.

    Myself I'm moving from Miami to LA. Too much party scene, not enough outdoors or diversity of things to do.

    Also ur super gorgeous. Best of luck

  3. Miami has beautiful views, great food and amazing clubs. But it can get old when it's constant everyday.

    The thing Miami doesn't have is outdoors stuff or cultural stuff. Other states have more nature, hiking, museums, art, etc. Esp western states.

    You can have 5 diff experiences of Miami based on ur income. The best area to live is Miami Beach or Brickell.

  4. So true. It's the beach, but it is not nice or understanding at all. Miami is beautiful, but the people ruin it. It is the biggest culture clash I have ever seen. It's is not a chill place at all. I don't hate anyone for what they look like, believe, or anything like that, but I do hate ill actions. I hate rudeness. I discriminate against one thing: disrespect for a fellow human. The culture is very very hot headed (coked up?), very angry, and very very egotistical. People will total their car that they have their life savings invested into just to prove a point and not let you in the lane. People have no problem leaving their entire group's trash on the beach for it to just blow where ever and go in the ocean. Many told me that Cuban culture is this way. I don't know about all that or why this city is literally different from anywhere else in the USA that I have lived, and even completely different from Fort Lauderdale (30 minutes away). All I can say is that the hot headed, high stress, rudeness, handsy, and lack of personal space way of that city is unlike any other I have ever encountered. It comes off extremely egotistical.

    The lack of regulation there is a shame. Until you live in Miami, you will not understand the need for rules and regulation. My friend (Yamamato) who had her whole life ahead of her moved down here to practice medicine. Some guy slammed into her on 95. Gave her a permanent back injury that effected her life majorly. Here's the actual kicker though: during the accident and waiting for medical help, the guy who hit her just stared at her blankly and couldn't answer any of her questions. Turns out, her didn't speak any English at all, was driving with out a license, and some how got found out that he wasn't over here in any legal way even short term. Authorities had the hardest time with this accident because they had no clue who this guy was, why he was here, and why he was driving considering the circumstances. It was ridiculous and it injured this young women who simply wanted to practice her craft and did everything by the books. People might act like that's hate on immigration. It really isn't. It's hate on doing whatever the fuck you want without considering other people or at least breaking the rules in a cautious way. but….that honestly…is just another day in the 305. Anyone that lives there, knows that that is just another day in Miami.

  5. Every situation is different. Do you have friends there? Do you have a good job with good pay? Do you live in a nice place? Miami has an extremely high cost of living. My friend lives in Miami and she loves it very much. Miami is Paradise!!

  6. Tennessee is landlocked,no ocean to see a great sunrise/set, & oceans are spectacular! in every way!..seems U traded Hurricanes for Tornadoes…But U chose that location…Hope U find a place that is what U dreamed of!

  7. Half moon bay in Cali? Have you lost it? Have fun with the freezing water, dangerous current, and great white sharks, but hey at least you wont sweat lol.

  8. Miami has very nice pockets and crappy ones. But traffic is bad overall and it can get annoying. Sounds random just move to Tennessee.. I think boca which has blue martini could of been more logical.

  9. Basically don’t live in Miami if you are lower income because if you do you’ll be forced to live in some scary hoods. I can understand why you’ll be scared.


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