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Miami House Tour – Florida House For Sale That MAKES SENSE TO BUY

Check out this House Tour in Miami Shores of this 1948 Classic! Interested in buying it? Check out all the listing details here

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  1. Loved the landscaping and it is pretty roomy. I am not wild about only a 1-car garage, but seems to be a pretty good value for a nice area of Miami. The house I lived in on Mercer Island, WA is about the same size, but did have a 2-car garage, and it sold in June 2020 for $1.4 million! Seattle is nice, but little sun, so this would be very attractive to anyone from the West Coast.

  2. I think these videos should be good for what you do. Gives a feeling of what it would be like to live there for prospective buyers and a realistic understanding of what they’re getting but your video comes off way better than even expensive sports car sales videos I’ve seen on YouTube so keep up the good work, I’m still trying to find my way since I got laid off after Coronavirus hit

  3. Now THIS is a great video for us! We get to see neighborhoods and houses in the Miami area that we wouldn't normally get to see, AND we get a guided tour! Bravo! 🙂

  4. I have been thinking about moving to Fort Lauderdale (i'm from NY originally). However, I've heard it's gone a bit downhill, and crime has skyrocketed. Any thoughts on this? I was looking for something close to Miami, with reasonable housing costs. I'm a vet and plan on using a VA loan.

  5. I feel I have rea-estate blood in me, but I don't have a job in it. I'm so interested in homes, but not in the market to buying yet. I would love to have a 70s brady bunch house built (I have made some sketch paper and pencil plans for that house). Then I also want a 60s home like in the Apollo era. I also want an 80s home like in Miami Vice. My suburban roots go back to house built in 1981. Now I'm nostalgic about that home. Am I going nuts?

  6. This house is so beautiful, don’t think I would even remodel anything! I love these new types of videos you’re doing! Also, this is legit the perfect type of property for Air Bnb, etc. Good job!

  7. I totally love this house and with a little work it could be fantastic. Looks like it has Dade County Pine ceilings in some of the rooms too. That stuff is amazing. Our attic in our house we sold two years ago in downtown Lake Worth was all Dade County Pine and the inspector couldn't believe it, it looked brand-new after almost 95 years. Termites hate Dade County Pine! LOL. Some people think Florida is boring with the architecture trees excetera, I totally love both, even after over 30 years here. It's expensive to buy a home here in downtown Delray now too. Our home we sold 20 years ago, we bought for 96, 000, we sold it three years later for 275,000, and right now it's going for 615,000. I wish we had kept it! LOL. But we're very happy where we are and we have a $500 a month mortgage now. Great as always Michael.

  8. I would love to see properties I Can house hack by living in one side and rent the other and use the rental income to pay majority of my mortgage. Thereby, decreasing housing cost and build equity. Just moved to Florida and searching!

  9. So there you go. You can start doing property tours as your new gig. Provide info on the community, area, commute, etc… Referral fees are nice. Having first hand knowledge of an area is great to a buyer that’s from up North. You could do a whole separate channel just giving home tours and then provide video of what’s nearby. It’s a better in depth perspective than just coming from a listing agent.


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