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Miami Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

Miami Travel Guide: Everything you need to know. Miami is my city! and Im going to show you how to travel in and around this amazing city!

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  1. Are you showing us Miami or your unshaven hairy face and hands gesticulating in front of the camera covering up any views? Monotone robotic voice going at the speed of an express train. Your face photo bombing every shot of Miami. And your hands waving wildly at the camera. Find another vocation. This is a FAIL. You are a narcissist inserting yourself in every frame. Not a tour.

    Take a shower, get a shave, and comb your hair. You look unpresentable and messy. Ugh.

  2. Very good guide! Although I would really emphasize that south beach is just a short visit type place. It’s very expensive and there too many tourists plus in that area you don’t really experience Miami, you just experience the beach. Which if that’s what you’re looking for by all means! But if you want to experience Miami, definitely go inland. Also I love that you mentioned that Florida is actually pretty big and has long roads because a lot of people see Florida on a map and think it’s very narrow and tiny but it really isn’t. Miami to Orlando is like a 3 hour drive if you make no pit stops. A full drive of Florida, from north Florida like Jacksonville to the southern most part, key west, you’re looking at about a 12-13 hour drive. No pit stops. So Florida is deceivingly big!

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  4. The man on the video gives good info and tips about what to visit in Miamu, and the images are beautiful. But damn he talks too fast. Slow down when you speak not everyone watching your videos are Americans.

  5. When booking s hotel where do you think the best place to be is? Should I book in South beach Miami or downtown Miami? I can’t wait to go to Miami in feb. it will be a group of 4 girls so I don’t mind if the hotel is a bit more in south beach. I just want to be close to everything and minimize the amount of Uber’s we have to take

  6. going back for the second time in a couple months and want to make sure i don’t miss out on anything, this video is great very helpful thank you ! 🙂

  7. I cant believe that I used to live in Miami and now in Dallas… It's crazy how life changes! If you're planning on living in Miami it's expensive but I used to live in Hallandale Beach and it is worth it. Great video man


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