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Money Clinic in Miami in the United States – BBC News

Money is at the heart of our most personal relationships. It’s also one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdowns. Being able to talk honestly and openly about money is critical, so the BBC Money Clinic invites couples to do just that with the help of an expert. In this episode – part of the BBC’s Money and Power season – the clinic opens its doors in Miami in the United States, where young families struggle to keep up with the high cost of living.

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  1. Lovely people. They are like deers in the headlights tho.. they gonna get taken advantage of and not even become aware of it i can tell… they should really try to keep it simple

  2. The BBC thinks with others a szchophrenia weapon used to inflict szchophrenia in a man is funny.If you can't comprehend the he'll szchophrenia is manufactured or the brain doing it,then you don't understand waterboarding or domestic violence or slavery.A secret can be addictive and the secret the television has and the NHS working with scientists using a szchophrenia weapon on a man for years is torture not a joke.A human rights crime a secret At has stolen a mans life with all the side effects szchophrenia manufactured or a Brain disease causes.Shame on them all.

  3. Haha, 99% of the world shoppings centres every country are women, only Stupid guy's, only work and put in woman account and let her manage, women are good & love spending, 20 pair's of different shoe's, buy silly flowers maybe £ 100, every day buy new clothes, new things, ooh, I love, how much, no worries, I will take one put it in bag for me.

  4. 11 credit cards!Oh my. I've never had a credit card in my life. That must be so much stress. How does she keep organized? I have a hard time just managing my regular accounts, simple investments, and taxes! Ugh, those credit companies get you!

  5. I wonder how different people in different countries behave relative to budgeting, spending, borrowing and saving. Are there cultural differences? How do the interest rates on credit cards vary in different currency areas? I’d imagine in some countries it may be more difficult to borrow money via credit cards.

  6. There are only a few debts that are okay to have.
    School Loans
    Medical debt
    A car loan is on the fence you could get a nice used car but never brand new.

  7. 5 out of 10 MPs who made hate speech laws legal are labour MPs and because of that you can go to jail now for years if you say a Terrorist attack was Islamic or that pedophille rape gangs are Muslim..

    Let that sink in..

  8. I single handily figured this out. It’s a long process in the beginning. Sacrifice of indulgence becomes the norm in our lives. The side affects are incredible! Healthy food at home. More family time! Financial freedom. Beautiful video!!!

  9. You didn’t ask me…no debt. Lots of Americans like me too. Once again you missed the mark by a mile. How long did it take you to find a “couple of color” only? Agenda much? FAKE NEWS

  10. I have 12 credit cards and use them. What I do is to "never" spend more than I can payoff in one weeks time, that way I rake-in the rewards and the interest rate "never" comes into play. Every year Costco gives me a check for $300-450 and Sams Club gives me back $250-300 free money. I use my credit cards at Target on items that give back gift cards for buying their items, thus giving me rewards two ways. Last year at Christmas time I had saved up $370.00 in Target gift card rewards. This year I have already received and "saved" $260.50 in Target gift cards while only buying things that we normally use, soap,shampoo, paper towels etc…Christmas is going to be good this year yet again, and on December 26th I will start save for next years Christmas. There is a way to build your credit score and rake in the rewards that the credit companies offer and never pay interest on any of your cards……"NEVER" carry a balance on anything and shop wise.

  11. This video is all over the place. At first, I thought this was a video about a place in Miami with the name of Money Clinic and this would be an expose on them. Then, it quickly shifts tone and seemed to be more about a couple in Miami. Then it becomes this weird infomercial about.. money.. I feel like there should be a call to action for or some shit by the end. And they discuss nothing about nothing and stupid shit that everyone knows already, that ultimately comes across as completely condescending. And the production quality is INCREDIBLY shitty. My god.. This is BBC, right? I expected more.


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