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One Miami School Has Become A ‘Beacon For Anti-Vaxxers’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Miami Herald reporter Colleen Wright and former Democratic senator Claire McCaskill on the Centner Academy in Miami pressuring teachers not to get vaccinated, and how that’s led to a wave of parents wanting to enroll their children there.
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  1. What do you expect when we have President Senile running around not wearing a mask when he's supposed to (while visiting the Carters in doors) and walking around outdoors with a stupid mask on? This clown continues wearing a mask even though he has been fully vaccinated. This is not exactly inspiring to people who are unsure about getting a vaccination. President Depends is setting a poor and confusing example.

  2. It’s very surprising that people who follow natural therapy’s are so ignorant. Science is more and more on the side of healing methods that in America were fine until the oil industry discovered plastics and began donating to universities that once taught Homeopathy, Chiropractic and Herbal medicine on the proviso that they only teach Allopathic methodology. Fortunately most western countries have not forsaken proven healing practices for the sake of money. Queen Elizabeth and the royal family use Homeopathy, which is why she is in such good health at 96 years old. A healthy body will absorb or use the vaccine if you have Covid. Fear of it is useless.

  3. Doesn't the State regulate any of these private schools. They regulate public and charter schools and homeschooling is also regulated so this school can just do what ever it wants no matter what the students learn. The rich have to much power in this country

  4. I have a solution to the US anti vac problem.
    The president should announce that due to the emergency in India and elsewhere that all excess vaccines will be immediately donated to where they're not only needed but wanted. He should make it clear that excess is the US population total minus an estimate for the number of anti vaccine people.
    I have a suspicion that many of them will change their tune very quickly once they realise the attitude of government is we're gonna give them away to foreigners.
    Could even consider thanking them for their sacrifice and warning everyone else to continue wearing masks and social distancing longer due to the failure of the nation as a whole to achieve herd immunity.
    Maybe a campaign to redirect unused vaccines to needy places abroad would be fruitful.

  5. “If I was charging up to $30,000 per student, you bet I would do whatever it takes to keep butts in chairs.” Said the greedy person who doesn’t believe common sense applies to them.

  6. Won't believe and follow the science, but they do believe in magic crystals, saran wrap shoes and chiropractors for children.🙄
    Are tin foil hats part of the school uniform?

  7. "Organic", so they love to be scammed?
    That term is meaningless as even industrially processed food usually is chockful of chemicals that qualify as organic (which in science only has the meaning "contains carbon compounds") and nothing we eat is NOT a "chemical", even the most fair trade, non GMO, unprocessed food possible, fresh from the field.
    And the labels are barely ever regulated, so a lot of deception is possible and will happen.

  8. If wearing a mask is child abuse according to the right. Then denying them the right to be safe from a dangerous virus is both cruelty and abuse. I guess they also teach creationism. Cultists running a school is dangerous.


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