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why esthetician school wasn’t for me :/

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hey amour gang ❤️ I know you all were wondering why I haven’t uploaded any esthetician videos lately and this is why ! I will be continuing to go to beauty school but to somewhere more beneficial to my future career , I felt like time was being wasted there due to myself not doing my research before enrolling ! like I said I’ll be sure to post more videos about it , if you have any questions you can comment them down below or even contact me via email or social media ! 💕

ALSO ! I read and respond to all my comments not just the negative ones , the comments I mentioned just reminded me of why I needed to make this video for you guys !

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  1. i wanna attend esthetician school but i’m still in high school & i don’t wanna go to college for esthetician bcuz i wanna be in the nursing field & business & i would like to add skin care products to my business & do facials every now & then but i wanna learn more about the skin before i start to sell just anything , is that possible ?

  2. I definitely feel you on the drama , I’m currently in esthetician school I have 4 months left and I’ve realized the institute I go to does the bare minimum also. And it’s like the teacher is way too laid back for me she kinda just lets us do our own thing and on top of that she doesn’t really know wtf she’s doing so some girls in the class are already licensed in lashes and brows and she’ll basically have them teach us how to do things which is understandable but at the same time why are they allowing someone who doesn’t know the entirety of the course to teach ijs so I’ve been coming to YouTube for extra guidance and information. & They damn sure don’t go by COVID restrictions either I’m just hoping I pass state board cause I could go on & on about the institute I go to

  3. Hello! I’m thinking about attending esthetician school and I noticed you said you went to school in California. Do you mind naming the school so I can avoid it, because I live in California too lol.

  4. I’m going to esthetician school in January and I love make up as much as skincare. I plan to further the makeup portion of my education after I get my license that way I have the experience and education without having to do the hair part of cosmetology.

  5. Most professional makeup artists should have an esthetician license and don’t require a cosmetic license. Very sad to hear you dropped out because that certification could’ve brought you much farther in the makeup industry than cosmetic school as weird as that sounds. Just like how aesthetic nurses have to go to school for RN and learn about anatomy and all this other crap they aren’t interested in just to come out to be in the aesthetic field. Wish you would’ve done more research on how important and valuable that esthetician certification would be in the makeup industry

  6. Esthetician school really isn’t for make up artist. It’s for people who want to do skincare, waxing, and lashes. It’s definitely for me I have no interest in hair and makeup.

  7. I graduate esthetics school in 5 weeks this was HARDER THAN HIGHSCHOOL ! A one year course took me two years ! I paid too much money and they didn’t even have all the machines and towards the end we couldn’t even practice on each other unless we paid for the service or brought our own products ! The ONLY reason i held on is because i want to have a license and i genuinely love skin and the services but I’m so happy I’m almost done ! And that junk is true we didnt practice makeup on each other we did it on paper 💀😂

  8. You are So SOOOO Beautiful! You are so smart and all! I just wanted to say the eyelashes are a little too distracting.. they are too long and fanned out in a way that is kinda hard on the eyes. Don't get me wrong! I think there are some really pretty ones out there! I recommend **Ardell wispies eyelashes! Wishing You all the Best! You are a supermodel! Please dont take my comment as hate, I love you and I just know that men and people in general like a different type of falsies a lot more. ❤❤ Never stop experimenting! 😘 You Slay Queen

  9. I've been looking into esthetician schools because I want to be a makeup artist in southern California. And there's a huge difference between a licensed mua and a certified mua. If you know a good makeup certificate course please let me know! I'd love to hear from you 😊


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