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Can You Afford Living In Miami? – Cost Of Living In Miami in 2020

Curious to know how much it cost to live in MIAMI?

In this video I go over how much it will actually cost you to live here in Florida.
From Buying a home to Renting an apartment. I also go over cost of transportation, grocery shopping, Insurance, parking, gas, internet and much more!

We will go over the entire cost of living per month in Miami.
I have been living in MIAMI for over 20 years and I have experienced living in different areas of Miami so I wanted to share with you how much you should prepare to spend living in Miami.

Keep in mind this is an average cost and even a conservative one so you can see if moving to miami is actually a good idea for you or not.

If you are thinking of moving down here Feel free to reach out to me send me a DM i will be more than happy to get you settled down here ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoy this video!

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Thank you for watching & don’t forget to like, comment and support my channel! ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to help you buy, sell or invest in the Miami or South Florida Area.

Best Neighborhood In Miami

Pro’s & Con’s Living In Miami

Living In Miami Beach:


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  1. I watched 2 of your videos. Your information is great, but the music overlay is hideous. Not watching any more. Not subscribing. If you had videos of only the talking, without the music, I could watch them all.

  2. Here in Minneapolis I had a tiny studio that was only about 400 sq ft and I paid $900 a month. The costs seem really similar. The price of living is going up every where. The food here where it's always cold is also the most expensive I've ever experienced in my life. Looking to get out of these long winters. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  3. For New Yorkers it seems cheap but remember most jobs in Florida pay between 8 and 10 dollars an hour lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ so you better have a good side hustle other wise you will be moving right back to where you came from

  4. 12:45 – Well…My life style is cheap. I eat only raw and vegan food and use bike to go at anywhere. Take care of my "catdoughters" is the thing more expensive that I have, lolol. My hobbies are simple ike…biking tour (exploring cities), camping, play gitar, watch Netflix or Prime, reading and etc. Beside that live in a simple neighbourhood it would not be difficult to me. My actual reality it's already this way. So…I think I'd survive very well in Miami with a income around $ 2500, lololol

  5. Great video congrats man, made some money in PR going back to buy a Condo for $49K in HOLLYWOOD i think it s a Coop but a great rental income and we can use it as a Hub for Ft Lauderdale-Miami stop.

  6. from a Miami insider as myself?!

    -) Insurance is expensive, not just because bad drivers, but for State/County sanctioned INSURANCE FRAUD.
    -) Monaco/NY/SF rent on Florida salary?!?! Nah!
    as a proud Saguesero, that's why I left.

  7. I would never suggest anyone to come live in Miami.the worst and bad city to move in.the cost of living is expensive and ridiculous .the cost of rent is so so high and you cant even see why you paying for small and dirty apartments with rats mouse roaches .i live there because of my family but for sure I won't retire there.the Cuban and other Latin people make Miami become a banana republic.what a mess with all corrupted politicians mayors commissioner .dont come to this trash city.


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