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Money Clinic: Miami – BBC News

If you’re in a relationship, there’s a chance that you run your finances differently from your partner. Manuel and Jackie have very different attitudes about money and often end up in arguments about the family budget. That’s where financial therapist Jean Theurer comes in. What does she suggest?

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  1. They use the term “fertility rate” like there’s an actual fertility problem, when the truth is working class Brits have been shut out from society and impoverished and cannot have children for financial reasons

  2. All polish people are doing now is moving to Britain to go around boot fairs to buy things they can sell on eBay, which was the last god damn thing I found I could do to keep a roof over my head

  3. Yeah if you’ve got a degree you’re shielded from this crap, my dad however chose to kill himself after 15 years of alcoholism and it was a bit disruptive, and I’m under qualified, and I can’t do a god damn thing without finding half of Poland trying to do the same damn thing

  4. Now my dad dead, so when my aunt died I was told I’d get my dads share split between my siblings, now as far as I’m aware that’s not how inheritance works, I’m not entitled to anything, so the only logical conclusion is there was a will and I wasn’t made aware like I legally should have been, and my ant and uncle have committed fraud and should be in jail

  5. I inherited some money I’m not legally entitled to, and I got some funny answers to questions, I think I’ve been done out some money ILLEGALLY, I think my family told some lies about me and broke the law to get some money that was mine, I’ve been done out of one inheritance, I won’t be done out of another, this country is mine, IT BELONGS TO ME

  6. Because I can't comment on the video "Meet the 11-year-old creating hyper-real art – BBC News" I'll do it here:

    Now this is art! Not that Indian, street shitter kid that smudges paint onto a canvas!

  7. The reason all these young black kids will risk jail and stabbing is because they won’t put up with what a Romanian will put up with and neither will I, a quiet flat without fire risk and junkies on the stairs shouldn’t cost 100% of someone’s income

  8. People are pissed off with this crap in Britain, if you don’t Brexit this thing properly I’ll be responsible for a far right rise so acute I’ll scare you Stone dead like the voice of god screamed at you through the falling clouds

  9. Even slaves ate organic and none were going to food banks and they had more space, they didn’t have freedom but they had a better standard of living than we do, and where am I free to go anyway? We’ve got it worse than slaves in Britain because a poles standards is below that of a slave

  10. I’m not an Eastern European, I’m a human being god dammit, I can’t live in a multiple occupancy house, I can’t live if wages are this depressed by “people” who will work for SLAVE WAGES

  11. And you know what I’ll earn if I worked? About 10k, I’ve had both and 25k was better, I’m not getting out of bed for less than 25 anymore, I don’t give a f@@k, 15 is the same as nothing


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