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Hiiiii Rhyderrrrrs! Hope you guys enjoyed my FIRST OFFICIAL VLOG! Sorry if it’s all over the place, im trying lol. Please excuse my messed up lashes and hair as well lmao. Follow me through my first week of living in Miami! I did ALOT of shopping for home organization, decor, and even filmed me building my bed (from Wayfair) I also had a night with Mariko, got a gel manicure, and tried to buy a telfar bag LOL failllll. Leave me a comment and dont forget to subscribe to the rhyder ganggggg ho

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  1. That happened to me at Macy’s when I was looking for a dinning table. The one I wanted was on sale but somebody told me you can sometimes get the floor model if it’s discontinued. I asked and he checked to see how many more were available. There were two. So he gave me one of the two new ones at the floor model price. Yaaaasssss Macy’s come through!!!!!!

  2. Love your videos !!! ❤️ & just a suggestion , i think it would be better without the music girl. its alittle distracting and i cant focus on what youre saying 🙁

  3. Its the fact that the video is 43 minutes for meeee! I grabbed a snack and sat my fat ass down! Keep going don't stop this! I wanna see you at like 2 mill subs !😩❤️

  4. Queen 👍 up to you poping up bed by yourself moving an shopping for your own place love the thing's you got cant wait till you start on livingroom area. Best wishes on new life 💋


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