Chelcee Larkin of Tru Regenerative Healthcare to be Featured on Close Up Radio

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2023 / — Have you ever been disappointed in a trip to a medical office? Brain fog, pain, nausea, fatigue, or just plain run down so you make an appointment with your primary physician hoping they will make you all better. To your dismay not only does it take weeks to get in to see them but when you get there you end up spending more time in the waiting room than you do seeing your doctor face to face. After a quick seven-minute talk you get referred out to specialists. Specialists can take months to get into sometimes. Then, if the specialist doesn’t find anything wrong with you he prescribes medication to treat symptoms or sends you to someone else in a different field. The Medication works temporarily but the problems come back. You know something is wrong, but you don’t know what to do. It’s beginning to dawn on you that the medical field isn’t working for you but you still need help. What if you tried a personalized integrative approach to wellness? One that recognizes your individual biochemical, physical, mental, intellectual, and social needs. What if medicine could be where you are an active participant in your own health and you can restore your health, vitality, and even slow down the aging process with new innovative medicine and providers that truly listen?

Chelcee Larkin, Founder of Tru Regenerative Healthcare, along with her partner Libby Cameron make absolutely certain that patients are heard. Their clinic, located in Idaho Falls Idaho focuses on treating, preventing, and curing a range of diseases.

In her beautiful state-of-the-art clinic located in Idaho Falls, expect individualized care in a warm, cozy, relaxing environment serving complimentary tea, coffee, and water. Where clients feel safe, comfortable, and reassured that they are in caring hands ready to support them in achieving your health goals.

Chelcee and her staff make certain to genuinely get to know you and your first initial appointment takes at least 90 minutes with a provider. Where the provider assesses your complete family history, current diagnosis’s, current physical state, and lifestyle habits to gain an in-depth knowledge of your health, both past and present. Because every patient has different needs and priorities. This data collection helps precisely determine the next steps that are needed to effectively treat a patient.

In fact, most of her patients that seek her out have already been to countless doctors. They are at the point where they believe it’s normal to have digestive problems, constipation, and brain fog when it is absolutely not!

At Tru Regenerative Health, their objectives and approach are to treat the whole person individually through extensive data collection and individually treat patients creating the best plan of action to treat what ails them. They treat an array of illnesses from common diagnoses to more advanced chronic diseases and cancers. They examine the physical, functional, emotional, and psychological needs of each patient, and from there are expertly able to craft an individualized treatment plan based on their exact needs.

It is mainly accomplished through the innovative, exciting field of Epigenetics and regenerative techniques, Chelcee and her medical team helps their patients take control of their health, physically and mentally. Epigenetics is the study of genetic variations caused by lifestyle choices and environmental surroundings that can alter gene expression, by suppressing them without changing the genetic code of our DNA. Rooted in the fact that there is no one size approach to health and where we are all individuals with different needs, it examines our DNA to figure out our best health needs. There’s only three factors to look at to determine our health needs which are lifestyle, environment, and genetics so it is critical we need to collect data on all of these data points to determine proper therapies for each patient.

This is a groundbreaking, deep-seated approach to health, wellness, and longevity finally allowing people to live long high quality lives. Prevention is key to living a longer, healthier life free of pain.

As we age it is assumed that we will acquire more health problems and although we are definitely more at risk for health issues, aging doesn’t mean living a low quality life is your future, because if we screen properly and take the proper steps necessary to change the patients disease progress this will increase the quality of life exponentially.

Chelcee, who has been in medicine for over 20 years, decided to open up her own regenerative medical clinic over two years ago after consulting in the medical field for the last 6 years.. She spent time consulting providers on how to fix clinic structural issues, how to screen patients more effectively, and how to use more advanced testing to more effectively treat patients. Spending most of her young life watching her mother struggle with severe illness from genetic misspelling that dramatically decreases her mother’s quality of life and the current medical system was unable to heal her from. Chelcee herself also suffers from genetic misspelling that made her ill most of her childhood and that led to heart failure. She understands how urgently we need to restructure the healthcare system where sick people actually recover and preventative medicine is first and foremost. This is why she has spent the last 10 years creating a structure that she uses in her own clinic and teaches other medical professionals to use as well. She is excited to inspire her fellow medical peoples to change the way they treat and patients to take charge over their care with more education on how to!

Today, Chelcee and her mother are in the best of health, loving life and thriving. Chelcee’s passion goes beyond just her work, she has a soft spot for taking care of patients and realizing how we all have our very own stories, family, history, and passions. To spend only 7 minutes with a primary care provider as our current medical structure averages and expect that people will recover from illness isn’t possible. We can change the way medicine is performed in the United States not only by relying on the medical providers but also informing patients on how to advocate for themselves.

Chelcee emphasizes for all of us to be proactive with our healthcare. She cautions us to make sure all our supplements we take are third party tested and not full of fillers. To be properly assessed by a highly skilled integrative provider on what your body really needs instead of just winging it. Data collection is key! Your body isn’t like any other body!

Keep in mind, Chelcee tells us, disease doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. For every ache, pain, discomfort, or long-term symptom, we need to determine why it is occurring in the first place and that is what Chelcee’s innovative clinic does. They are transforming the future of medicine and helping us live much longer healthier lives. Without a doubt the future looks brighter for us all.

Tune into Chelcee’s two-part radio interview with Nurse Practitioner Libby Cameron that will educate, inspire you, and guide you in better ways of keeping you healthy.

Close Up Radio will feature Chelcee Larkin in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday December 14th at 3pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday December 21st at 3pm EST

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Chelcee Larkin of Tru Regenerative Healthcare to be Featured on Close Up Radio

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