Guidelines for Proper Pool Filtration and Circulation

Guidelines for Proper Pool Filtration and Circulation

Guidelines for Proper Pool Filtration and Circulation
Regular maintenance of the pool filter is essential. ”

— Paul Lahare

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2024 / — As temperatures rise and pools begin to see more use, maintaining clean and safe water is a top priority for pool owners. Proper filtration and circulation are essential components of pool maintenance that ensure the health and longevity of both the pool and its users. Paul Lahare, owner of Cornerstone Pools Inc. in Louisiana, offers expert advice on how to optimize pool pumps and filters for the upcoming summer season.

Optimizing Pool Filtration

Effective filtration is crucial for keeping pool water free of contaminants and debris. The pool filter is one of the most important elements in maintaining water clarity and hygiene. Pool owners should ensure that their filtration system is adequate for their pool size and usage levels. “Regular maintenance of the pool filter is essential. It is recommended to clean or replace filter cartridges as needed and backwash sand or diatomaceous earth (DE) filters regularly to maintain optimal performance,” says Paul Lahare.

Enhancing Water Circulation

Good water circulation is key to effective filtration. Without proper circulation, some areas of the pool may have stagnant water, which can lead to algae growth and the accumulation of debris. To enhance circulation, Lahare advises, “Ensure that the pool’s pump and jets are properly configured to achieve a uniform distribution of water. This helps chemicals work more efficiently and keeps the water clean and safe for everyone.”

The Role of Pool Pumps

The pool pump acts as the heart of the water circulation system. It is vital to ensure that the pump is correctly sized for the pool’s volume and that it runs long enough each day to turn over the water completely at least once. “Selecting an energy-efficient pool pump can also reduce operational costs significantly. It’s advisable to run the pump during off-peak hours to further decrease energy expenses,” notes Lahare.

Regular Maintenance Checks

In addition to regular cleaning and backwashing, Paul Lahare recommends conducting periodic checks on all mechanical components of the pool’s filtration and circulation systems. This includes inspecting pumps, filters, skimmers, and jets for signs of wear and ensuring they are functioning efficiently.

Educating Pool Owners

Lahare emphasizes the importance of educating pool owners on proper maintenance routines. “Understanding how your pool system works and how to care for it can save time, money, and ensure your pool remains a safe, enjoyable place throughout the summer.”


Following these guidelines will help pool owners maintain their pools in pristine condition. With the expertise of professionals like Paul Lahare and Cornerstone Pools Inc., pool owners can look forward to a summer of clean and refreshing swimming.

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