If you want to be rich, train your brain with Neurofeedback

If you want to be rich, train your brain with Neurofeedback

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your brain with Yana Sorsher, the foremost expert in Neurofeedback training in Miami. With her extensive experience and practical knowledge, she is eager to share her expertise with the readers of Miami County Post.

If you are a CEO, attorney, manager, if you work in the stock market, have your own business or just love abundance, this article is for you.

Everyone wants to be rich, but not everyone knows how. What if you were to find out that your abundance depends on your brain activity and brain-heart coherence? Can you be in charge of your thoughts and emotions all the time? Are you the boss of your brain and body? Do you want your brain to obey your will? Do you want to know the formula of abundance? Yes? Then listen up.

Neurologist doctor analysing brain of man and nervous system using brainwave scanning headset. Researcher using high tech developing neurological innovation monitoring side effects on monitor screen

It all boils down to basic knowledge of who we are and how we operate. We humans are half matter and half energy. Regarding matter, no one has any doubts, as we can touch and see and smell each other. When it comes to energy as a major human component, you will most likely need some explanation. OK, then. Every time we have a thought, it creates an electric field which can be measured by taking an EEG of the brain. Every time we have an emotion, it creates a magnetic field of the body, which can also be measured. 

The magnetism of the human body comes from two sources. One is Earth magnetism and the other is the metabolism taking place within the cells in the body. Small electric currents travel through the body, along the nerve cells and due to ions, just like electricity flows through a wire. This current produces very weak magnetic fields within the human body. The heart and brain are two main organs in the human body where this field is significant.

According to scientific research, human electromagnetic field enters and leaves the Quantum Field eight times a second. So, taking this under consideration we humans are more energy than matter.

Albert Einstein and Max Planck came to the same conclusion following their experimentation in splitting the atom. They noticed that the atom forms differently with and without person (observer) present. Planck concluded: “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a Force, which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume that behind this Force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Thus, was proven that energy the electro-magnetic field forms particles of matter.

Diagnostician doctor attaches electrodes to the patient head, a man goes through a checkup in a medical center

In the same way money can be formed by the energy of our electromagnetic field. Or, in other words, our electromagnetic field can form money. And now you already know what makes electromagnetic field in our body. What does our electromagnetic field consist of? Our electromagnetic field consists of our thoughts (electric field) and our emotions (magnetic field). So, in order for us to maximize our energy, we need to have our thoughts and our emotions be congruent or coherent, which would allow our created energy field to form any matter. And for us to form money, abundance, or wealth, we need to think (we need to have strong specific intent) and feel (like we already have what we seek to create), and then we need to do this repeatedly, continuously.

Can you do this? You should be able to. However, as people say, it is easier said than done. Moreover, you can witness it yourself. Unfortunately, in your daily reality you often see something else, without realizing that people often think one thing even though they feel something different. It is like hitting the brake and gas pedal at the same time and hoping to drive fast. Can you get far this way? You sure can’t, as both pedals effectively cancel each other out. The same way as incoherent waves cancel each other. When you think ‘I want to be rich’ but feel the emotion of poverty you cannot become rich as your thought and your emotion are canceling each other.

The thing to remember is that our brain emits brain waves, which are in coherence when we are in peace and incoherent when we are stressed. Incoherent brain creates incoherent brain-heart connection, which sends an incoherent intent into your future.

Rear view of girl with eeg electrode equipment on her head having medical test

The formula for money/abundance in your life is not that complicated: all you need to have is a coherence in your brain, in your heart and then you will see the same coherence in your life. If you follow this simple formula, abundance will flow into your life on all levels.

Neurofeedback organizes brain activity and helps all the brain waves to become more coherent. Neurofeedback can help you with brain coherence, which can be trained to work automatically. Neurofeedback is your halfway accomplishment to your abundance. Your brain coherence will generate your emotion coherence or, as the scientists say, brain-heart coherence.

To see proof of this for yourself, you should study the human brain and body in epigenetics, neurobiology, neuroendocrinology, psychoimmunology, and quantum physics. You can spend a lot of time learning from books and making your own ongoing research, or you can just schedule an appointment and train your brain with Yana Sorsher.

Yana Sorsher

For over 20 years she has provided Neurofeedback EEG brain training.  A new generation technology Neurofeedback, created by NASA, allows people to feel their best without pills. Neurofeedback has helped millions of children and adults to self-regulate brain activity.  It is a safe, painless, non-invasive and drug free alternative treatment which has been researched and proven since 1968. Neurofeedback can help you to feel clear, calm, focused and alert, and alleviate anxiety, stress and depression, allowing you to relax at will, increase focus, productivity and positive thinking. It is widely used all over the world to treat ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, sleep disorder, Phobias, Obesity, Substance Addiction, Chronic Pain, rehabilitation after stroke and other disorders. The reason that Neurofeedback can help diminish the long list of symptoms is simply because it trains the brain to learn to self-regulate its own brain activity and produce optimal brain waves to return itself back to a healthy state.  Neurofeedback is also widely used in sport and peak performance to improve focus and alertness. Neurofeedback is a GYM for brain. For more information, please visit Psychological & Neurofeedback Center official website and Instagram.

Discover how you can enhance your cognitive abilities and tap into new levels of mental clarity and focus under the guidance of a true master in the field. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your brain training with Yana Sorsher.

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