Mitchell E. Finlay Plans Post-Prison Launch of Certified Federal Contracting Firm, Announced Balanced Justice Network

Mitchell E. Finlay Plans Post-Prison Launch of Certified Federal Contracting Firm, Announced Balanced Justice Network

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5 Year Plea Deal But Got Life

Balanced Justice Network confirms Mitchell E. Finlay has garnered the support of a successful Florida-based businessman managing lucrative federal contracts.

Balanced Justice Network confirms that Mitchell E. Finlay has garnered the support of a successful Florida-based businessman managing lucrative federal contracts.”

— Balanced Justice Network

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA , UNITED STATES, May 8, 2024 / — Balanced Justice Network announced today that it has confirmed that Mitchell E. Finlay has earned the support of a successful Florida businessman who has committed to guiding Finlay immediately upon his release from prison.

Specifically, the Florida businessman will help Finlay in setting up his own certified federal contracting firm.

“I am fortunate to have him as a mentor,” stated Finlay. ” I am immensely blessed that from day one I will not only have the unwavering support of my family but I will also be immediately employed and guided on how to successfully launch my own federal contracting firm.”

– Currently, Finlay is in State prison serving a mandatory Life sentence.

– August of this year will mark his 23rd year incarcerated.

– His family is campaigning for a second chance and release on probation.

– Finlay has maintained his innocence throughout the past two decades.

Finlay describes himself as regretful of how he lived his life. “I was a foolish and arrogant young man in my 20s engaged in a wild lifestyle which included swapping, pursuing female adult-entertainers, and spending my money on strip clubs.”

Finlay has recorded numerous podcast episodes from prison which can be heard on Balanced Justice Network. One of the podcast episodes is titled, “Strip Clubs & Partying Culture.” Another episode is titled “Creating Chaos and Poor Judgment.”

In 2001 Finlay, then in his late 20s, was arrested in Miami Beach after a one-night intimate encounter in his hotel room with a woman he had just met. She accused him of sexual assault. He rejected a 5-year plea deal from Miami-Dade prosecutors, went to trial, believing innocent people don’t take plea deals, and was sentenced to Life. He has served 22 years and 5 months. This May Finlay will turn 52 years old.

“I think it is disproportionate to sentence a man to Life when prosecutors offered a 5-year plea deal,” stated Finlay. “Nevertheless, more than two decades in prison have contributed to my life. I have become a better man, a strong, honorable man. It has served as a long time out for me to examine my previous lifestyle and find my center and balance as a Christian.”

The Executive Director of Balanced Justice Network, Evelyn Castillo-Bach is determined to demonstrate to Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle that Finlay is worthy of a second chance and merits immediate release. “As Mitchell’s mom and as Executive Director, I don’t seek to relitigate nor point fingers. We simply want the Miami-Dade State Attorney to give Mitchell a second chance. He will contribute to the lives of many others. We pray she exercises her power, authority and discretion to place him on probation,” affirms Castillo-Bach.

According to the American Bar Association 2023 Plea Bargain Task Force Report, their study identified a significant differential between plea deals offered and the prison sentence administered when defendants choose to go to trial.

As reported in the 2023 Plea Bargain Task Force Report, Criminal Justice Section “while in general some difference between the sentence offered prior to trial and the sentence received after trial is permissible, a substantial difference undermines the integrity of the criminal system and reflects a penalty for exercising one’s right to trial. This differential, often referred to as the trial penalty, should be eliminated.”

Castillo-Bach added her agreement with the following American Bar Association statement in the 2023 Plea Bargain Task Force Report.

“Charges should not be selected or amended with the purpose of creating a sentencing differential, sentencing enhancement, punishment or collateral consequence to induce a defendant to plead guilty or to punish defendants for exercising their rights, including the right to trial.”

Balanced Justice Network advocates for criminal justice reform, second chances and transparency in plea bargains and sentencing.

The Balanced Justice Network website also gives a concise summary on the case and includes a link to the last legal brief filed by Finlay’s appellate attorney Richard C. Klugh.


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