Superhero project Heroines at exclusive Comic-con red carpets

Superhero project Heroines at exclusive Comic-con red carpets

Members of the superhero project HEROINES, Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza, were seen at the exclusive Hard Rock hotel Entertainment Weekly and the Tim Burton-themed Burton Bash event during Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, California.

After holding the first Heroines Christmas parade event and establishing the superhero project in Florida, the group of two celebs women appeared in the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comic convention in the world. This year’s Comic-con saw a record post-Covid audience and was also attended by Keanu Reeves and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who sat on panels to promote their latest projects.

Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza Comic-con 2022
Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza at Comic con 2022 photo by Chris Brody

The superhero project Heroines consists of Victoria Unikel (Exorcist) and Aliia Roza (Roza Spy). Aliia Roza made a name for herself in the real world as an undercover agent, fighting drug and human trafficking. Victoria Unikel, also active in the fight against human-trafficking that saw her awarded in 2019 at the Mosaic Gala in New York. Being an anti-communist activist, she established the Exorcist brand in 2007 and has published her debut comic book of the same name on Amazon’s comiXology. 

Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza at Comic-con 2022. photo by Chris Brody
Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza at Comic con 2022 photo by Chris Brody

Exorcist and Roza Spy, together known as Heroines, are seeking the publication of the Heroines saga as a graphic novel printed series, the release of an action video game, and a screen version of this superhero story. 

Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza Comic-con 2022
Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza at Comic con 2022

Their message, part of their platform of fighting tyranny and evil around the world, is to stop the war in Ukraine that is being waged by Russia, apparently motivated by dark powers that have enveloped the Kremlin and have even released tyranny on its own subjects. Freedom is a universal truth, and it will come to all peoples who have decided to embrace it. Ukraine has broken away from the darkness of its Soviet past and has clearly chosen freedom and self-determination, and will prevail, no matter the cost. The truly American statement and sentiment that was expressed by Thomas Jefferson, that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, is nowhere more obvious than in Ukraine. The Heroines’ mission is to unite people together and prevent another World War by reaching their audience through media and print comic book. 

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