The Ripple Effect of Health and Compassion in Organ Donation

The Ripple Effect of Health and Compassion in Organ Donation

Project Donor & OnPoint Nutrition Collaborate

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 / — Jean, Ric, and Paul—three remarkable individuals whose unwavering dedication to health and boundless generosity have created a profound impact. Through the partnership of OnPoint Nutrition and Project Donor, a growing number of individuals eagerly await their chance to give the gift of life.

## Jean’s Journey: From Personal Health to Life-Saving Donation

Jean found her calling to organ donation through a blend of personal awareness and a poignant encounter with a friend in need. “I was aware of the need for donors…watching the media and being exposed to this need,” Jean recalls. It was during breakfast with a dear friend, that Jean learned of her friend’s husband’s critical need for a kidney transplant. Moved by her friend’s emotional turmoil, Jean instinctively offered to become a donor. “It just came to me…she’s like, ‘wait, you need to think about this.’ But after I said it, I was committed. I was all in.”

The process was demanding, but with the guidance of her dietitian, Jean successfully met her goal. The successful transplant drastically improved the recipient’s quality of life, sparing him from the rigors of dialysis and marking a new beginning for him and his family.

Reflecting on her decision and the journey, Jean expresses humility and gratitude, “I’m happy to report the recipient is doing fantastic…it’s scary, right, you’re really hoping that the outcome is going to be what we have.”

## Ric’s Story: A Brother’s Love Amidst a Pandemic

Ric’s motivation to donate a kidney to his younger brother, who suffered from kidney failure due to COVID-19 complications, showcases the deep bonds of family and a profound appreciation for life.

Ric shared, “My younger brother had some complications after he caught COVID. That ended up basically killing his kidneys.” Although Ric was within the weight range for donation, further weight loss was recommended to optimize the surgery’s outcome and improve his long-term health.

Ric’s journey wasn’t without its challenges, but he found the process rewarding, especially when exploring new foods and nutritional habits. “I’ve never been afraid of trying new foods…the seasonings and combinations were a little bit different, but it kind of added adventure to try new things,” he said.

Reflecting on the overall experience and the lessons learned, Ric humorously noted, “I’ve learned that I’m past that prime where I can eat anything and still lose weight.” This acknowledgment of the changes his body undergoes with age, and the strategies to manage weight effectively.

Although Ric was not a direct match for his brother, they were able to set off a chain reaction of donations, and his brother would receive a kidney from another donor. The successful transplant for his brother has brought immense joy and relief to Ric and his family. “Being able to see him come back, bounce back and have that energy again…he’s back to being a 20-year-old again,” Ric humorously shared, highlighting the transformative impact of donation.

As for the message Ric would like to convey to others considering weight loss and organ donation, “As daunting as the unknown is heading into the process…it’s definitely worth it.”

## Paul’s Transformation: Health, Giving, and Community Support

His journey began with a personal awakening to the needs of organ donation. “My journey started with my daughter’s roommate, she donated a kidney to her sorority sister…and that raised my awareness of the whole kidney donation process,” Paul recalls, setting the stage for his remarkable decision.

Motivated by a close family need and inspired by the stories of others, Paul made the decision to pursue donation. However, to become eligible, he faced the challenge of meeting specific health criteria, including reducing his BMI.

“I hit a plateau and wasn’t able to really make any headway…then they came to me and said, ‘Well, there’s this program called Project Donor,’ and I was like, ‘Right…let’s try OnPoint Nutrition'” he shares, revealing the critical turning point in his path.

Paul immediately began to see the impact that a fully balanced diet can have on your wellbeing. “The pounds started coming off fast…I hit my goal. I’m done.” My dietitian was like, ‘You just started,’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, but it worked. It’s good. I’m there,'” Paul expresses with a mix of surprise and achievement.

Paul found new ways to integrate healthy habits into his life, from incorporating greens into his meals to discovering the delights of dairy again.

“I’m supposed to be the giver, right? But I’ve gotten so much out of this…it’s going to be good for me in the long run,” he reflects, acknowledging the mutual benefits that have arisen from his journey towards donation.

## About Project Donor

Project Donor is a nonprofit organization focused on facilitating organ donations by helping prospective donors overcome barriers to donation. Through comprehensive support services and partnerships, Project Donor strives to expand the pool of eligible donors, making more life-saving transplants possible.

By connecting potential donors with the right resources and support, Project Donor aims to increase the pool of eligible organ donors, ultimately saving more lives through successful transplantations. The organization’s work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors, and philanthropic organizations that share their commitment to promoting organ donation and improving access to this life-saving opportunity.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so here: University of Chicago Giving Portal.

For individuals or organizations interested in making a high dollar donation to Project Donor, please contact [email protected] for more information.

## About OnPoint Nutrition

OnPoint Nutrition is a group of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists offering virtual personalized guidance and support.

“As a whole, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is combating the myths and misconceptions surrounding food and nutrition,” says Kennedy. “Diet culture has created a sort of haze around the facts. We bring evidence-based strategy and meet you where you are at to reach your goals.”

For more information visit our website today.

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